Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a couple of confessions

It has been 3 days since my last post and I have two confessions to make both of which are pretty stupid.

#1 confession being the 5kg beast of beef didn't stay out of the freezer more than an hour after my last post early Saturday morning. Matt (the husband) being the (slightly) more rested of us at the time woke up and rightly informed me that taking on a 5kg lump of frozen meat while attempting to lose our homemade curry virginity, and entertain 3 sick kids was just not going to be a goer. So until such time as everyone stops puking and coughing and starts sleeping a bit more like normal people in their own beds for more than 2 hours, the lump stays frozen.

So we have a fridge bursting full of medicines at the moment and on the window above the sink is a jar of syringes for adminstering them to our reluctant patients. It's just that time of year and for me it's the time which seems to conjest all of the most stressful elements of being a stay at home mum. Its that feeling that time is standing still basically. When you have sick kids you are caught in the cycle of trying to get medicine and food into them, keep it in there and then make sure they sleep as much as possible. So with 3 at various stages of sickness I find myself running around in pretty small circles.

I find it a real challenge to keep my own morale up when it feels like I am swimming through porridge just to get to the end of the day. The trick I guess is to strip back your daily priorities to only the most basic, focus on the fact that this is a temporary state and each day brings you closer to the end and then (somehow) be ready to make the most of the times when the kids feel OK enough to not be miserable and bad tempered.

The kids didn't make it out of their pjyamas today but tonight we are all feeling like we've turned a corner. All three were miraculously asleep by 7 and all dosed as per DRs instructions without any of the usual tantrums and tears. Matt and I were settling into a bit of telly and a glass of Awhitu Syrah and I was charging away with my current blanket project. Which brings me to my next idiotic confession - I am finding this blanket upcycling gig just awesome, its such a brilliant way to chill out, and my mental state loves that I now have this easy way to gain a sense of achievement and feel productive with minimal pressure. I have been working really hard to improve the quality of my sewing and the overall finishing details, and its all starting to look pretty darn flash. I'm feeling particularly inspired because I had the pleasure of a quick wander through the incredible Crafternoon Tea Markets here in Kingsland Auckland (www.crafternoon-tea.blogspot.co.nz ) on Saturday and I am so fired up to get myself a stall there for a test run come August. 

So I'm stitching away for a good 20min, charging along the row, making awesome progress and getting a real rhythm going. As I finish the row and move to hold it up to admire the evenness of my work I discover I have SEWN THE f%^king BLANKET TO MY TRACKSUIT PANTS!!!!