Friday, June 1, 2012

1 Month old = a little wiser and a lot more content

31 days blogging down....and so far I am totally thrilled with how much I have enjoyed doing it. I have loved the challenge of having to think about bigger things outside of my current main focus of babies, nappies and housework.

I am re-learning the benefits of being proactive and busy and taking risks and putting myself forward for things. Committing to this blog has made me think about the idea of living well and what it means to be a family and how to enjoy this time with our little ones. I have realised that my squandering isn't just about spending money on silly materialistic whims but is also about squandering precious time on what ifs, if onlys, and why me pity parties.

I recently came across some photos of myself taken when I was about 18 or so. Its been almost 20 years since the pictures were taken and probably almost the same amount of time has passed since I last looked at the pictures and I was totally gob smacked at how much skinnier and generally fabulous I lookedy compared with what my memories of then are. I make no apologies for saying that I looked fab - I know I'm no super model but I have such vivid memories of feeling so insecure and self conscious about my appearance that I know it held me back from doing things and meeting people at that time in my life. I have matured somewhat since then but I do still wonder if the impression I have of myself quite matches the reality even yet. So on top of becoming a more sophisticated spender I am going to expand my squanderer no more ethos to include my time, my attitude and my opinion of myself too.

Looking forward to the long Queens Birthday weekend. I have some fun creative projects to complete with a view to hopefully turning them into a little pocket money spinner. They match my squanderer no more stand perfectly so I am looking forward to revealing a little more after the weekend. Have a great weekend filled with strategic indulgences just as you deserve.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kelly says "Eat, drink, laugh and nap your way to more...self controll"

Had a request from a squanderer that some info on boosting self control to help resist the urge to squander was in order here. I have done a bit of sifting around and found the following.

I was attracted to this excerpt because it referred to 'strategic indulgence' which sounds just brilliant. Everything else I found seemed to focus on submitting yourself to a barrage of temptations in the hope you will somehow develop massive self control muscles. Having cold showers when you'd really like a warm one, drinking your coffee without sugar when you'd really prefer it with, all seemed a bit stupid. There was also a disturbing study conducted which tortured kids with marshmallows which I might just post another day.

Anyway - hope the following is of interest!

Its taken from this lady - I think Kelly sounds lovely and someone I'd like to be friends with!

Kelly McGonigal is a psychologist at Stanford University. Her latest book, which is full of strategies for behavior change, is The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It.
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Five Temptations That Actually Boost Your Willpower

Eat, drink, laugh, and nap your way to more energy, focus, and self-control.

If you’ve suspected that you run out of willpower as the day wears on, you’re right.
Scientists have discovered that willpower is a kind of energy that gets spent over the course of your day. Like a muscle that gets tired from exercise, our self-control strength gets sapped by the many decisions, distractions, and stresses we face.
But science also shows that it’s easier than you might think to restore your spent willpower. Anything that reduces stress, boosts your mood, or recharges your energy can also give you back your self-control strength.
Below are five strategies to restore your willpower. Sure, they may look like temptations and distractions—but think of them as strategic indulgences. Treat yourself to the healthiest versions of these willpower boosts whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, and you can be the best version of yourself—calm, focused, motivated, making smart decisions—all day long.
1. Reality Television.
Research shows that willpower can be contagious. You can “catch” extra self-control just by seeing someone else pursue a goal. Many reality shows feature people working hard to overcome obstacles—whether it’s losing weight, facing their fears, or even just organizing their clutter. A little entertainment inspiration can help you find your own strength. (Caveat: You can also catch temptation. So if you want to keep self-control high, steer clear of the shows that feature spectacular lapses of judgment and self-control.)

2. A Snack.
One reason willpower runs out is because it’s energy-expensive. The brain uses more energy for self-control than for just about anything else. So if you’re running low on physical energy, you’ll be low in willpower energy. Studies show that when your blood sugar drops, your brain is less able to focus and control your impulses. But a small snack that increases blood sugar helps the brain snap back into self-control mode. Most of the studies on refueling willpower used sweets like candy and soda. However, a snack that provides more lasting energy (with some protein or high-quality carbs) will sustain your willpower boost longer and not induce any post-snack regret.

3. The Cute YouTube Video.
Oh, yes, it’s easy to fall down the hole of cute YouTube kitties and baby hedgehogs. But if you can satisfy yourself with a few minutes of cuteness, an adorable video can be just the willpower boost you need. Research show that watching a humorous video restores depleted willpower and helps people get back on track with difficult tasks. If puppies aren’t your thing, find a few stand-up clips or whatever makes you laugh.

4. An Afternoon Nap.
Willpower is often highest in the morning because the brain is refreshed by sleep. Sleep recharges your brain so you wake up ready to face the challenges of the day. When you’re sleep deprived, your brain has an especially hard time ignoring distractions and controlling impulses. Sneaking a mid-day “power nap” into your schedule can reverse the usual willpower drain from morning to night. Researchshows that a nap can reduce stress, improve mood, and restore focus—even if you haven’t had a perfect eight hours the night before.

5. A Single Espresso.
Caffeine gets a bad rap, blamed for energy crashes and overcaffeinated jitters. But in its simplest form—straight up coffee or tea—and reasonable doses (depending on your own caffeine tolerance), caffeine can actually reduce stress. In fact, studies show that small doses of caffeine balance the autonomic nervous system, making you both alert and calmer at the same time. It also helps the brain and body use energy more efficiently. The result: you are better able to handle temptations and tackle challenges. We get into trouble when we add heaps of sugar, whipped cream, and other extras, or aim for a massive caffeine high that will leave us with a hangover. Skip the high-calorie coffee concoctions and refuel your willpower with a small dose of caffeine.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trademe Update - $300 up & more to sell woohoo

Proud to announce I had about a 50% success rate with my last series of Trademe postings, was a great weekend seeing the $ roll in and the clothes roll out (more than $300!)....have reposted the unsold items so hoping a few more will go this week.

Also adding in a link to another supporter's listings on trademe - check out their stuff too. You never know what you'll find - its all about that old other's trash = other's treasure chestnut and NOTHING beats the feeling of scoring a bargin!

If you've got listings you'd like plugged send me your link (log off trademe, go back in (i.e not in your account) and find your listings, then and copy/ paste URL of your 'members listing page).

Happy shopping

return from the backblogs

I honestly can't believe i'm back.

I've been locked out of the 'post editor' section of my blog for 48 hours...I had big plans for a Monday post (trademe updates + new listings etc) and today was to be my inaugural "Tight Arse Tuesday" award, in honour of whatever discount deal or special offer I can find which is either completely fabulous or a complete laugh.....(i.e. a while back on treatme or one of those sites = 2 for 1 spy watches with inbuilt hidden camera (one is cool but why'd ya need two? for each arm? his and hers?)

Have also worked out how to add some 'critique' tick boxes down below each post so you can tell me what you think of the post without having to 'comment'...all anonymous of course so be brutal if need be, I'm a wife, mother, sister, daughter and I can totally handle it!!