Saturday, May 19, 2012

So what would you do if you won LOTTO 5th division?

Have been having a little play with what you can do behind the scenes on these here Blogs and I have managed to set up my first POLL! See box to your immediate right >

I've done this as the first step towards me launching some special little give away prizes in the coming weeks. I want to know where you dream of squandering your little windfalls so I can direct the prizes accordingly.

So far I'm the only one who's voted so things are definitely slanted towards the cothes/shoes category but although I believe in rewarding oneself as often as possible it probably doesn't apply here! Let me know where you'd spend that little imaginary lotto win - I'm looking forward to seeing where the votes fall!

Friday, May 18, 2012

The foxy moron deal of the week

definitely can't go past these beauties for $17.47....courtesy of Cotton On @ Dress Mart.....they come in beige and black but frankly why would you when you can do 'Coral'...

I am prepared to accept those false economy arguments - yes they're synthetic, your feet will smell like wet camel and they'll fall apart or sprout something come spring but at $17.47 as opposed to $100+ for the hide of some poor dead lamb I can live with it.

Have a happy and warm weekend.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Introducing Rhubarb, Fez and Parsley the Lion

Attention all those of you with creative yearnings. A very late notice, but I came across the most awesome competition being run by....
Entries unfortunately close midday on Monday 21st May so you had better be quick in whipping up something or maybe use an existing piece. Basically there are 4 categories - Wood, Glass, Textile or Paper - and a prize for each. You just need to upload your picture (max 2 entries) and details on the Maisy & Grace website, follow the rest of the conditions and sit back and admire all the other brilliant entries on their facebook page. I feel quite inspired. The last time I felt like this was back in 2007 and these guys were the result.
As you can see I won't be winning any prizes any time soon but I do love them, and I loved making them and my kids love them too even if they insist on calling Rhubarb a Rabbit (he's supposed to be a dog). Now I can't wait for my sewing lessons to kick off in July (bet you can't either!).

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday big Red Shed

Welcome to the flirty thirties Warehouse. I've squandered many an hour and dollar under your roof in search of that bargain, but looking around my home now I'm not sure I was successful. There is not one thing within view which I can recall purchasing from you? yet there was a time when it was claimed that every family in New Zealand would have some crazy multiple of 'things' from you under their Christmas tree. Just last Christmas I took part in the seasonal shopping frenzy well into the late late hours of night in that week prior to Christmas. I filled my trolley with cheap toys, books, sports equipment and then joined the queues of families with screaming exhausted children and babies in tow all waiting to spend their hard earned dollars (or wring out their worn out credit cards) on things we'd been convinced we deserved and assured we would be getting at bargain rates. But none of those treasures are around me now, and I just remember feeling so sad that families were putting themselves through that horrible shopping experience during what should be a magical time of year for children, and most of all I was ashamed that I had been so easily sucked in too. I may well find myself back in your store, as your newest shed around the corner from my home seems to be close to completion in the blink of an eye. But I hope you embrace your flirty thirties and start working it real hard to woo me. In these tough economic times when we are all in search of a bargain, your stats show we haven't been looking for it at your place. 400+ million spent on store revamps is all well and good but I'm not sure its going to be enough. I read this quote yesterday on the online store of a family business who upcycle textiles into beautiful new one-off appealed to me because I'm liking the idea of my bargains being more about unique and beautiful too - not just 'cheap'. 

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

check them out on - coulter & coulter

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mother of all wardrobe clearouts takes on last!

Honestly, the process of cleaning, primping, photographing (badly), listing and posting the items has sucked up some of my happy organised vibe post clean out, but it is done and I am still feeling good about it. So here's the link.....

my trademe listings....
Fingers crossed there are some willing bidders out there who appreciate my fine if sometimes misguided taste.

If you've got listings of your own - post the link in a comment below - just click on 'comment' below and post in the box provided, you're all welcome and it can be done anonymously too of course. Am getting lots of page views so it could just help push along your sales, or you could uncover some deals to indulge in!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Maybe west really is best?

This was an adventure we undertook back on Anzac Day but as I'm still discovering puddles of black sand amidst the washing, kids shoes and throughout my car, I feel I'm justified in posting this as a recent 'to do' plug. My husband has a special gift buying bargain cars via trademe (incase anyone wants advice) and since late last year I have been in love with my Jeep Cherokee 4WD. Its one of the few cars out there that can comfortably fit 3 carseats, 2 adults, a pram, 2 bikes and a chubby labrador, but other than stuffing it to the gunwales we haven't done anything very intrepid in it. Thankfully my husband also turns out to be quite the nifty off road sand dune driver too, so after spending a precautionary $25 at Repco on a bungy tow rope, we were off to Muriwai Beach north west of Auckland. We're not unique in doing this - there must have been hundreds of families and groups there that day, but it was a top first for us. We made it out onto the beach without getting bogged and then slid down the sand dunes on cardboard and when the wind got up we huddled in the boot with our picnic. A slight detour to the Riverhead Tavern for hot chips and beer overlooking the water before heading home was the perfect end to the day. So get that suburban 4WD beast of yours out into the wild like it deserves - we're on the look out for new places to venture too - pass on your best tips by leaving me a comment (just click on  'comment' below)

Helpfull links include....this one which discusses the various pros and cons of access points to the beach - Muriwai best 4WD access discussion or else check out this info from ARC - The Essence of Muriwai