Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm back....39 days later

39 days ago and I was on the eve of departing for a brilliant week long holiday in Fiji with my inlaws to celebrate the mother in laws (surprise) birthday. It was a great much needed break and the kind of luxury we haven't been able to justify since having kids etc. It was fun and busy and enjoyed by all. Not a cent or second squandered whilst there and just so lovely to be able to spend fun times with relatives who normally live in fairly distant flung parts of the world for most of the rest of the year.

I'd packed the computer cause I had grand plans of fancy exotic 'surprise look where I am' skitey blog posts from the tropics, including updates on brilliant value laden finds to help you survive Denerau Island with your style and self respect intact despite the assault from those resort priced temptations.

Needless to say I have learnt some great lessons in those 39 days since.....

The fiji tan has long since faded and my only vague recollection of anything  genius on the tip front is 3 hours of babysitting from the lovely Sieni cost as much as 1 poolside cocktail so thats a pretty chilling lesson in value. Good thing the duty free gin is still going strong with Sieni long gone that is.
I also discovered.....

1/ I didn't have any desire what so ever to log on to facebook, email, blog etc during the holiday, so computer remained untouched in the bag it traveled in.
2/ I must waste an inordinate amount of time logging on to the above when i am at home cause I have been technologically naked ever since getting back and it is weird what I have managed to achieve in that time.

Basically it all fell apart on the flight home.
what: dribble entered some tiny spot along edge of laptop, which then fried the motherboard, keyboard, and almost all other magical useful bits known to exist inside a computer.
why: perhaps cause I was too cheap to buy laptop with a protective bag, so tend to carry cheapy laptop in another random bag which in this instance happened to also be the kids nappy/ bottle bag. Not so genius.
when: somewhere over the pacific on return flight from Fiji to NZ. Nothing to do with swimming pool splash, cocktail spilage or anything so enjoyable.
how: reckon we wedged a 'finished' bottle into the bag in desparate hurry to get squirming squawking offspring off plane asap, and residue dribble made its way onto laptop. I warn you residue dribble can be catastrophic - massive burnt out internal damage resulted and the awkward $ bill to repair - not enough to make you buy another fresh newbie computer but enough to be utterly gut wrenching.
who: not naming names but it totally wasn't me (I think?)

So thats why I've been missing this past month plus

At least I am well and truly on target with my little homewares, home industry venture. Expect the big reveal next week.....once my card arrives and the website is loaded for action.

Hope you've all hung in there on the Squanderer band wagon. I have missed my blog immensely.