Sunday, November 11, 2012

Festive rumblings

The urge to post has been burning a big itchy hole in my brain but it'll have to be a quicky because its been a huge day - Thomas the Tank Engine Day @ Glenbrook to be specific.

Basically I've been dreaming of a range of 'bespoke woollie baubles' to grace stylish trees throughout the world. Its become a bit of an obsession. Problem is my experiments to date have been pretty useless so far and I'm finding it a bit annoying when available time is so short and Christmas charging on into my life in all ways.

So I am going to throw a bit of pressure into my creative experimentations to see if it won't help cough up some inspired outcomes.

I hereby declare the 2012 Smith Family Christmas Tree will be a wholey handmade affair.

It'll be a real tree from the Mangere Bridge chop your own outfit but there'll be no more $2 shop tinsel or bargain bin trinkets from the warehouse. I undertake to ensure that ALL decorations on our tree will be made by the hand of someone we know and love. Probably mostly by me with a considerable portion by the kids but it'll be a fun challenge and will ensure a festive build up like no other!

I'll post progress reports and pictures as gems evolve and will throw in some 'how to's' incase anyone cares to have a stab too.  

Here's to decking my own halls and jingling my own bespoke bells.