Saturday, October 20, 2012

Some Honest Active Doing

Made a promise to myself to write regularly - an exercise in discipline and to increase my mental fitness in this skill....of course I am struggling to find the time or find any sense in my daily routine which would allow me the space and any leftover brain fuel to be able sit down and do this properly so I've come up with this exercise instead.....

Am going to have a draft blog post on the go where I can quickly dump words, sayings, and ideas which come over me...probably add in some links and to do lists there too....just a dumping ground for words so I can keep up with my goal of writing a little bit regularly.

When I hit....200 words? I'll post it publicly - i'll add the time frame it occured within and that'll be it.

My hypothesis is that a theme will exist or emerge naturally, and it will be an antidote to my procrastinating honest first active step which is even more important than having the idea in the first place

(I have been such a fan of ideas but haven't gotten much off the its nice to have finally worked this out!).....

Here goes.....(see you soon)