Friday, June 8, 2012

Could this Professor of Garbology be the mentor I've been searching for?

Amazing stuff, interesting guy, awesome ideas

love this quote...

"As the natural resources of our world are depleted, they become replaced by an environment of manufactured objects, and in turn these industrial artefacts become the raw materials from which we must produce more.
In many ways recycling - or the process of borrowing, quoting, and recontextualizing objects, images and ideas - is the best metaphor for the way in which meaning is constructed and understood in our contemporary world.

The role of the recycled artist (the bricoleur) is to refashion new visions of our world from its leavings, transforming not only objects but meanings, and introducing new ways of experiencing and imagining our world and ourselves".
-from “The Recycling Strategies of Self-Taught Artists” by J Cubbs & EW Metcalf
in “Recycled Re-Seen - Folk Art from the Global Scrap Heap” by Charlene Cerny

Why buy new when you can resurrect and recreate the old

Have been fiddling around with old retro blankets swiped from the back of the cupboard at the family bach. They've been around throughout my childhood. I have vivid memories of being wrapped up in them to protect me from the cold sand and to soak up the warmth of bomb fires on the beach. They aren't soft and fluffy, they are hardcore hardwearing gorgeous wool woven into checks of beautiful colours of many shades.

So I'm having a go at resurrecting these old blankets in the hope that by putting a little bit of effort into restoring them they'll end up living outside that old cupboard in celebrated full view as treasured objects that are both functional and beautiful.

Now I'm a website away from entering the world of the upcycling crafter. Within the next month I hope to have a fancy little online store of my own devoted to "curios, collectables and upcycled heirlooms"....This is just my first completed project which will go to my big brother of Sunshine Soundsystem fame for his birthday this weekend.....a cot blanket in pastels and applique is almost complete, several other large blankets are on the go and a few cushions are thrown in at different stages too. Hottie covers and baby slippers are on the wishlist....but to reveal any more would be bad for business!  

p.s. I couldn't resist the hibiscus motif, its the Onehunga Princess in me.....a visual warming aid to make you think of balmy tropical beach holidays when cold winter nights get a bit much! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A squanderer's lesson in entrapment

Its called the "designer warehouse Sale" or specifically the Trelise Cooper Warehouse Sale. This is where we go to feast on 'designer' treasures heavily discounted and labeled in such enticing tempting ways that you simply can't not buy it, it would be such a missed opportunity......

Helped by the fact that I have absolutely no money having paid off a big wintery power bill, and Brett the hairdresser to hide my grays and make me blond again, I won't be going to this sale this time. The clothes are lovelier than you'd expect, and there is great care in how they've been made and the unique fabrics chosen.....blah blah blah.....but read between the lines people - if they're bundled into this sale reduced from $400 to $100 then it's because no one wanted them in the first place!

Oh fine, there are bargains to be had if you're happy with queues, elbowing your way alongside fellow 'tense' shoppers, and have the time to rifle through racks upon racks of stuff. Yes it'll be restocked daily and it will run from today through until Sunday (9am starts) @ 8 Lion Plac (off Mountain Rd....plenty of parking they say....).

But it is not a safe place for a squanderer!

Thanks to Trademe I have just managed to sell off the last item of clothing I purchased at a Trelise Cooper Warehouse Sale. This skirt << sat in my wardrobe untouched for 2 years with tags still attached. I managed to sell it a month ago for $65 - a loss of $20 from the original purchase price.

So if you simply can't handle missing out on these designer "Bargains" then Squanderer No More says just sit back and wait for the Trademe listings to hit....there'll be hundreds and most of them will be labelled "BNWT" (brand new with tags). A much more enjoyable way to bargain shop in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

tight arse tuesday award: June 5th 2012

Inaugural tight arse tuesday award goes to "The Cook Cafe" at Fieldays - who are offering breakfast + a beer for just $12 instead of $24.

I like a chunky 50% discount and the hugely classy nature of this offer made them stand out winners of the award this week. 

Breakfast + Beer deal @ fielddays The Cook Cafe (c/- Grab one)

Don't you just wish you could get down there to join all the agricultural types for a beer with your porridge.