Friday, June 8, 2012

Why buy new when you can resurrect and recreate the old

Have been fiddling around with old retro blankets swiped from the back of the cupboard at the family bach. They've been around throughout my childhood. I have vivid memories of being wrapped up in them to protect me from the cold sand and to soak up the warmth of bomb fires on the beach. They aren't soft and fluffy, they are hardcore hardwearing gorgeous wool woven into checks of beautiful colours of many shades.

So I'm having a go at resurrecting these old blankets in the hope that by putting a little bit of effort into restoring them they'll end up living outside that old cupboard in celebrated full view as treasured objects that are both functional and beautiful.

Now I'm a website away from entering the world of the upcycling crafter. Within the next month I hope to have a fancy little online store of my own devoted to "curios, collectables and upcycled heirlooms"....This is just my first completed project which will go to my big brother of Sunshine Soundsystem fame for his birthday this weekend.....a cot blanket in pastels and applique is almost complete, several other large blankets are on the go and a few cushions are thrown in at different stages too. Hottie covers and baby slippers are on the wishlist....but to reveal any more would be bad for business!  

p.s. I couldn't resist the hibiscus motif, its the Onehunga Princess in me.....a visual warming aid to make you think of balmy tropical beach holidays when cold winter nights get a bit much! 

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