Friday, June 8, 2012

Could this Professor of Garbology be the mentor I've been searching for?

Amazing stuff, interesting guy, awesome ideas

love this quote...

"As the natural resources of our world are depleted, they become replaced by an environment of manufactured objects, and in turn these industrial artefacts become the raw materials from which we must produce more.
In many ways recycling - or the process of borrowing, quoting, and recontextualizing objects, images and ideas - is the best metaphor for the way in which meaning is constructed and understood in our contemporary world.

The role of the recycled artist (the bricoleur) is to refashion new visions of our world from its leavings, transforming not only objects but meanings, and introducing new ways of experiencing and imagining our world and ourselves".
-from “The Recycling Strategies of Self-Taught Artists” by J Cubbs & EW Metcalf
in “Recycled Re-Seen - Folk Art from the Global Scrap Heap” by Charlene Cerny

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