Monday, June 11, 2012

Introducing Fanta Pants, FeijoAloha, Marmalady and Coconut Ice

A big black kleensack turned up on my doorstep this morning courtesy of my lovely Fastway courier man. It was filled with some long awaited trademe purchases, the most fabulous old school wool blankets. They are more colourful and fabulous in person and I can't wait to get onto transforming them into even more fantastically useful and beautiful things too. My new sewing machine is primed ready for action, the patterns have been drawn up and cut out ready to go, it's all on.

My first completed blanket "sunshine sound system - sure to rock" (as per Friday 8th June's post) went down a treat with my birthday brother and I may have even scored my first pre-order from one of the birthday guests!!

So standby for new website/ shop (FOC courtesy of Westpac and MYOB!!) and logo designed by the lovely Helen of Erupt Design (and Erupt Prints too).

Also - if you have any of those old school wool blankets hanging around the back of a cupboard and would like to yours transformed or simply just want to sell them to me outright then I would love to hear from you.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Squanderer no More,

Do you still have your hard yakka denim jacket?

I might be interested in buying from you.

Drop me a line on