Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our state of Maximum Happiness

I've spent the last week wondering how I was going to write about all that has been happening of late. But with it all coming to a head at about 6.30on Friday evening, I have officially given up trying to inject some sort of deeper selfless meaning to it all.

I could not care in the absolute slightest if I come over as the most hideous nasty skite in all the land.

In the history of my perfect little family we have just had one of the best weeks on record.

I'll let the pictures do the talking......

First day at School
Ella & George celebrate their 5th and 1st Birthday

First draft concept pics for house reno

Our new baby - 4 metre tinny aka "Smiffy II"

The past week brought us 2 massive milestone birthdays for our oldest and newest, a first day at school, the arrival of a perfectly fabulous little boat into our family unit and the first draft of some insanely beautiful designs which will renovate our cozy little house which we love so much into an uber glam but utterly functional, cool and family orientated home we can continue to thrive in.

Its been a week where i have decided that there is an absolute limit to feeling happy and excited. You can't just keep feeling happier and prouder as each and every new achievement occurs, your brain and body has to have a maximum happy state or you risk combusting or something. So we have all been happily glowing at our maximum level this week, topped up to the brim with good news,  achievement and reward for hard work!

But there is a new challenge on the to find the extra $250 a week the bank will probably need from us to pay off these renovations and keep us in engine juice for plenty of ocean bound adventures. May have to live off fish and our vege garden for 10+years, but any (work from home preferred) 'job' suggestions would be gratefully recieved too!