Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Upcycling aspirations

Thinking about some kind of rating system to show how "upcycled" something really is. Perhaps based on the # of elements in end product that originally started out as something else.

I like the idea and the creative challenge of reinventing every ingredient rather than embellishing a few key items, but have to keep in mind the high risk of churning out piles of crap disguised as recycled crap.

As long as the artistic outcome rules above its 'eco' value then i'd hope to avoid too many ugly projects.

With my current time constraints in play I want to stay focused on my blankets for the immediate future but have some ideas burning around my brain that look a lot like jewellery.

Anyone know of any body doing some cool upcycled design out there? anything at all??

A couple of my favourites so far are........



love that its design of the highest criteria with a clever backstory.

Certainly lots to think about between woollie pacifica stitches and family stuff.