Saturday, May 5, 2012

major wardrobe overhaul in progress

Caught up with lovely friends on Friday and got to talking about that saying "you only wear 15% of your wardrobe". One of the lovelies had spent an afternoon clearing out her wardrobe under the critical yet guiding eyes of 2 friends. Several massive bagloads to the charity bin later and she was now raving about how liberating it felt to be so organised. She was loving her favourite wardrobe surviours with renewed vigour and shopping adventures would have focus now she knew what she really needed and what truely suited. This exercise has to be the perfect example of less being i've started my own clear out as the picture shows. I'm about half way through and will also add an extra element. I am being ruthless in my culling but there will be 2 piles for me - those destined for the charity shop and those destined for Trademe resale. I've had some success selling and buying clothes on trademe (NZ's ebay equivalent). So if you too feel so inclined to do your own wardrobe overhaul and wish to follow me into Trademe retail land too then send me the link to your listings and I'll promote your listings to fellow squanderers too (just click on "comment" below and post in box).  Its going to take a while for me to clean, photograph and list these items but I hope to have most of them up by Monday. Will keep you posted and I hope to hear from some of you too....

what Mum said when I said I was writing a blog....

She was just keen to know if you've noticed my fish at the bottom of this page? If you left click on your mouse then food sploshes out for them and they go nuts!!! Less is not more for these hungry little guys.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

How about an epic masterpiece for $35 or less?

Genius efforts in play from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra who are running the brilliant ticketing strategy ‘pay your age’ for punters aged 18 – 35. Worthy of particular mention 'cause this week they’re touring with cello god Lynn Harrell and performing the epic Elgar Cello Concerto. If you’ve never seen 100 utterly expert musicians pound out something as emotive as Elgar’s Cello Concerto then you need to fill that gaping cultural void by calling 0800 479 674. It may even rival my own strapping rendition with the Auckland Youth Orchestra at the Goolwa Community Hall, South Australia, back in 97.

NZSO "for the fallen" with Lynn Harrell -Cello


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

where's your 2nd hand nirvana?

I can't say my visit to the local Hospice charity store (Royal Oak) drove me to start this blog but it has been a recent discovery for me and something which I feel fits my brief for inclusion here. It was a mood altering experience $113 later and I was up 1 x Suede Jacket, 1 x Wool Tweed Coat (perfect should I ever be invited to a hunt by some aristocratic english person), 1 x pair of gorgeous brazilian cow hide shoes, a gigantic toy truck, ornamental wooden shelf thingo for girlie trinkets, and brand new hand knitted hoody for baby in brilliant wiggles blue, husband ended up with a lotto ticket but he could have had a pair of amazing hardly touched camper shoes for $20.....gobsmacked at the quality of gear most of all and the fact that it didn't smell like dead people/ you have any quality vintage or 2nd hand stories to tell, secret shopping spots to reveal?...

getting started

Am feeling quite shy about getting started with this blogging schtick but eager to have a go. I am excited about sharing what I feel are great deals and brilliant ideas about living well. There seems to be a lot of things happening out there which have come about as a result of people facing tough financial challenges. Or maybe we're starting to question the amount of time and focus our jobs are demanding and whether or not we have got the work/life balance right after all. So I'm on the hunt for a way of living which is driven by quality and substance and fun without the hefty price tag. Here goes.......