Wednesday, May 2, 2012

where's your 2nd hand nirvana?

I can't say my visit to the local Hospice charity store (Royal Oak) drove me to start this blog but it has been a recent discovery for me and something which I feel fits my brief for inclusion here. It was a mood altering experience $113 later and I was up 1 x Suede Jacket, 1 x Wool Tweed Coat (perfect should I ever be invited to a hunt by some aristocratic english person), 1 x pair of gorgeous brazilian cow hide shoes, a gigantic toy truck, ornamental wooden shelf thingo for girlie trinkets, and brand new hand knitted hoody for baby in brilliant wiggles blue, husband ended up with a lotto ticket but he could have had a pair of amazing hardly touched camper shoes for $20.....gobsmacked at the quality of gear most of all and the fact that it didn't smell like dead people/ you have any quality vintage or 2nd hand stories to tell, secret shopping spots to reveal?...

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