Thursday, May 17, 2012

Introducing Rhubarb, Fez and Parsley the Lion

Attention all those of you with creative yearnings. A very late notice, but I came across the most awesome competition being run by....
Entries unfortunately close midday on Monday 21st May so you had better be quick in whipping up something or maybe use an existing piece. Basically there are 4 categories - Wood, Glass, Textile or Paper - and a prize for each. You just need to upload your picture (max 2 entries) and details on the Maisy & Grace website, follow the rest of the conditions and sit back and admire all the other brilliant entries on their facebook page. I feel quite inspired. The last time I felt like this was back in 2007 and these guys were the result.
As you can see I won't be winning any prizes any time soon but I do love them, and I loved making them and my kids love them too even if they insist on calling Rhubarb a Rabbit (he's supposed to be a dog). Now I can't wait for my sewing lessons to kick off in July (bet you can't either!).

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