Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday big Red Shed

Welcome to the flirty thirties Warehouse. I've squandered many an hour and dollar under your roof in search of that bargain, but looking around my home now I'm not sure I was successful. There is not one thing within view which I can recall purchasing from you? yet there was a time when it was claimed that every family in New Zealand would have some crazy multiple of 'things' from you under their Christmas tree. Just last Christmas I took part in the seasonal shopping frenzy well into the late late hours of night in that week prior to Christmas. I filled my trolley with cheap toys, books, sports equipment and then joined the queues of families with screaming exhausted children and babies in tow all waiting to spend their hard earned dollars (or wring out their worn out credit cards) on things we'd been convinced we deserved and assured we would be getting at bargain rates. But none of those treasures are around me now, and I just remember feeling so sad that families were putting themselves through that horrible shopping experience during what should be a magical time of year for children, and most of all I was ashamed that I had been so easily sucked in too. I may well find myself back in your store, as your newest shed around the corner from my home seems to be close to completion in the blink of an eye. But I hope you embrace your flirty thirties and start working it real hard to woo me. In these tough economic times when we are all in search of a bargain, your stats show we haven't been looking for it at your place. 400+ million spent on store revamps is all well and good but I'm not sure its going to be enough. I read this quote yesterday on the online store of a family business who upcycle textiles into beautiful new one-off appealed to me because I'm liking the idea of my bargains being more about unique and beautiful too - not just 'cheap'. 

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

check them out on - coulter & coulter

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Anonymous said...

wow what a great site - about to push buy on a blanket......but do i REALLy need??? You're making things worse not better with your site!!!! xxx N