Monday, May 14, 2012

Maybe west really is best?

This was an adventure we undertook back on Anzac Day but as I'm still discovering puddles of black sand amidst the washing, kids shoes and throughout my car, I feel I'm justified in posting this as a recent 'to do' plug. My husband has a special gift buying bargain cars via trademe (incase anyone wants advice) and since late last year I have been in love with my Jeep Cherokee 4WD. Its one of the few cars out there that can comfortably fit 3 carseats, 2 adults, a pram, 2 bikes and a chubby labrador, but other than stuffing it to the gunwales we haven't done anything very intrepid in it. Thankfully my husband also turns out to be quite the nifty off road sand dune driver too, so after spending a precautionary $25 at Repco on a bungy tow rope, we were off to Muriwai Beach north west of Auckland. We're not unique in doing this - there must have been hundreds of families and groups there that day, but it was a top first for us. We made it out onto the beach without getting bogged and then slid down the sand dunes on cardboard and when the wind got up we huddled in the boot with our picnic. A slight detour to the Riverhead Tavern for hot chips and beer overlooking the water before heading home was the perfect end to the day. So get that suburban 4WD beast of yours out into the wild like it deserves - we're on the look out for new places to venture too - pass on your best tips by leaving me a comment (just click on  'comment' below)

Helpfull links include....this one which discusses the various pros and cons of access points to the beach - Muriwai best 4WD access discussion or else check out this info from ARC - The Essence of Muriwai

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