Thursday, June 14, 2012

Product development is going great guns and promo plan underway too

I am underway working on a selection of hottie covers and blankets are going great guns. However my latest concern is more of the promotional kind in that I suspect I will be the kind of Mum who subscribes to the Sally Ridge School of Promotion - ie. using your offspring to further your own aspirations in slightly inapproriate ways.

I couldn't resist this pic of my lovely Ella who test drove one of my Marmalady blankets and her brand new hottie cover I whipped up over breakfast yesterday. 

She was feeling worse than crap and was asleep by 5. There had been lots of coughing (a little vomit), a temperature and shivers galore earlier in the afternoon - but as soon as she was snuggled up with her hottie and blanket she settled instantly! I put it all down to the lightweight comfort of 100% NZ wool - and the exceptional and quirky stitching efforts of moi.

I can't say I won't turn to my kids for a bit of extra glam factor when I start photographing the official product range, I just hope they don't overshadow the incredibly stylee blankets etc! 

(and incase you are interested/ concerned I do have 2 of these beautiful marmalady orange blankets, we'll hold onto this one in the interest of not sharing Ella's germs around too but the other is in development!) 

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