Saturday, June 16, 2012

Time to tackle the 5kg Beast of Beef

Trying to turn a very early 5am start into something positive so have decided to embrace a culinary challenge for the coming weekend. We have been putting off doing this but as we are likely to have a fairly quiet two days with sick kidlets there'll be more than enough time to spend in the vacinty of the stove.

The 5kg beast of beef is now out of the freezer defrosting (this could take a week in all reality) - but the end result is going to be tones of delicious casseroles, curry and other slow cooked fare. I am on the hunt for good hearty recipes anyone might care to offer, specifically keen on dishes that freeze well so my time and grocery budget will benefit over the coming weeks.

First stop for ideas will be Stephanie Alexander's 'The Cooks Companion' which has been a brilliant bible like resource book for my kitchen efforts ever since recieving it as a gift for our wedding (thank you Kate & Emily). Have another interesting book which I don't recall buying but may have been picked up at one of those discount tables they set up in the middle of shopping malls. The Oz Women's Weekly Complete Book of Modern Asian appears to have some cracker looking pictures of curries in it and not being big curry cookers this will be the real challenge for Matt and I.

So here goes....will keep you posted with progress and a picture of the 5kg Beast of Beef and a breakdown of just how far we can make it stretch!

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