Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mental and virtual tidy up underway....

Performed a bit of admin on my blog this morning - still needs some formatting but have set up gallery pages to feature my completed woolie wonders and those still in progress. Also included a link to my online shop incase anyone wants to adopt one.


Need to put some thought into how best to set my online self up.....blog, facebook, website, seller accounts on craft/design e-tail sites.....its a bit much for my scale of operation!

There are so many brilliant creatives out there doing amazing things but also really nailing the whole presentation/ brand/ imagery package.

So my glaringly obvious challenge is to really try to streamline my efforts, work out what I want it all to look like and establish some consistancy. I guess the best way to do this is to really try to lock down what it is i am trying to do or is it who I am? (but then that questions seems just a little more complicated!).

Have had a stab at re-writing my "about me" blurb....slightly happier with it but still requires some brain power to get perfect. Love some feedback but so appreciate all the views/ reads or whatever it is you do when you come visit my blog!

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