Sunday, May 6, 2012

bootcamp styling in the sunshine


Am all a quiver with endorphins following my first ever bootcamp session. A brilliant time and more than worthy of a plug. I'm pretty quick to use "mother of 3 under 5" to get me out of a lot of things but this session was tagged kid friendly and at the civilised hour of 9.15am I felt it was worth a shot. It's located at Bellevue Reserve on Dominion Rd/Bellevue Rd with a kids playground at far end of the field, I'd recommend bringing your other half to help keep an eye on really young ones but with a cafe close by for coffee supplies it makes for pleasant child minding duties. My 4yr old happily followed me for most of the session, providing added incentive to not fall apart, so older kids would be fine to potter within sight or join in here and there given the very cool and safe location. There appeared to be a diverse range of fitness levels with some super fit looking types alongside beginners like me, but sessions are structured to give you scope to push yourself no matter what level. It felt like great value and is very well run, certainly better value than you'd ever get flouncing around a gym and a good fun morning out for the family too. Their website is ... ....and I'm booking in for Kelly's session each sunday for the next 6 weeks (just $75!) - check it out!

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